September 9th, 2004

NIN - Black Hollow and Cold

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Layout Type: Component
Layout Name: Blacknyx_customizations (I am not creative enough for a better name!)
Mini- description: Narrow-width, banner on top, music/tv/obsessions extra components, scrollbox in too wide entries. Fairly straight-forward.

screenshots here
and here
Note: Please know that I'm fairly familiar with how this all works but if you're having trouble with my layer you're using, please ask in component_help> so you can get the CORRECT answer instead of me guessing about how to fix it.
Also, Obiviously, please don't hotlink my images, I could take them down and edit them but I'll just leave it unless it presents a problem.
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[component]-[theme]-[name: maroon]

in this style it is customized to use transparency, scrolling link list, scrolling entries, edited profile, scrolling song box (lyrics),colored box hover for links, mood/music is customized, time/date, day is set to align left and in a column vs straight across.
screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3
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